karthik naturals

Karthik Naturals


Karthik Naturals is the universal hub for procuring, packing and Exporting of traditional and Organic Agricultural commodities. With precise selection of controlled harvesting areas Karthik Naturals assures top quality for agricultural commodities. We guarantee persistent high quality and great features for all our agricultural products.


The regular and organic agricultural commodities acquired are processed and packed in hygienic environment to avoid the contamination. Our products are processed and packed with stringent quality parameters to ensure hygiene, consistency in world class quality.

We have taken all cares in selection of quality parameters to ensure purity, composition, durability, reliability, packaging and other quality perspective before final dispatch of consignment to buyer and their destinations. Alongside we have proper arrangements for weed control, pest and diseases control.

We have spacious warehouse facility whereby processed products are sorted in the most hygienic manner along with required ventilation and humid condition. We use highly reliable packaging material as per recommendations of international packing guidelines for our products.

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